Project: On the Ground

01 Where are The Great Generation projects based?

The Great Generation Projects are based in the heart of communities in need, where local NGOs are already working, mostly in developing countries around the world. Our projects are based in South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe and the UK.

02 What support will I have on the project?

If you are part of one of our programmes co-created with your organisation, you will have a particular plan of support mostly through your programme manager. You will also meet your project leader from The Great Generation at your pre-project briefings and they will be with you to support you during your time on-the-ground. All our project leaders have a background and experience in International Development and leading projects. They will be there to coordinate your work and liaise with our local partners, organizing and overseeing your accommodation, meals, and transport and also facilitating your daily volunteer briefing forum. As well as your project leader, you will have the support of our local partners and their staff, who will be looking after your wellbeing and safety as well as facilitating communication and interaction between you and the community.

03 Can I choose where I go?

Where you go will depend on the match between your personal interests and experience and the availability of a suitable project.

04 How long would I go for?

The length of our projects may vary, but generally run for two weeks. This might not seem long enough to make a difference, but in fact, every one of our community-driven projects is carefully designed so that, by the end of two weeks, you will witness the benefits of your work and return home with a greater understanding of a different culture and the many drivers of world poverty. The Great Generation

05 Where will I stay?

Accommodation varies from one project to another. You might be staying in a hotel, guesthouse or private home. We select basic accommodation based on its proximity to the project site and always ensure that it is safe.

06 Will I need to speak the local language?

No. However, we encourage participants to learn a few basic words and phrases, as this will greatly enrich your project experience and will be hugely appreciated by local people in the communities where you work.

07 Can I remain on after the programme for a personal holiday?

Yes, however you will not be allowed to remain in the community in which you have taken part in a project.


The Great Generation is constantly looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our projects. How you can take part.

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