After your Project

01 What happens at the completion of my project?

When you come back home you will join a diverse and active participant alumni. As part of this group you'll have opportunities to use your unique experiences to enrich your own community and pass on your learning. You will return as leaders within your community.

02 How do I stay connected to the community?

On your return from your project you remain connected to the community through your infra-structure grant, which you will decide how to invest and monitor in the community. The Great Generation will stay in touch to update you in regards to the progress made in the community and will reach out if any specific help is needed.

03 How else can I help the community?

For those participants who want to take it a step further, you can become a champion in your workplace for The Great Generation, by promoting the projects and coordinating with The Great Generation staff on upcoming projects. There is also the opportunity to help forge further links and relationships between the community and organisations at home. If you are interested in this or other forms of support, please let us know after you return from your project and The Great Generation will help coordinate your involvement.

04 Can I participate again?

Absolutely! The more times the better!


The Great Generation is constantly looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our projects. How you can take part.

How You Can join Us