Managing 21Biz 2019

Business skills and experience can help to solve their problems and take them a step closer to successfully tackling poverty.

A consultancy project for community-based organisations in Uganda who are seeking to use a business approach to achieve their long sustainability and independence from international financial aid.

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Spring/Summer 2019

A group of senior professionals, graduates and business school students will design and run a project for five local organisations from Kampala, Uganda. These organisations come from the poorest areas in the city, in a country that is one of the poorest in the world, and work hard to look after the poorest and most vulnerable in the community.
They focus on health, education, social support and income generation for individuals living under extreme conditions and affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malnutrition and other conditions caused by severe poverty.

The Ugandan Challenge

24{097c733559e2981b028b95cd65cba7d13782e51b52d00aab952de001bb84ea91} of the population in Uganda lives on less than $2 per day. Many of the local organisations focused on tackling this issue are stranded by the unpredictability of international aid & donations, and are looking to take the matter in their own hands by starting social business ventures.
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The Needs

In the community-based organisations, the development of a range of management skills are a priority.

Precisely what is needed will depend on the individual organisation and will range from basic financial and data management through to identifying business opportunities and marketing strategies that can succeed in the particular context. Your job is to work conjointly with the organisation’s staff, to combine your business sense and their local knowledge. After the “game plan” has been defined collaboratively, you will help to implement it and to put steps in place to enable staff to take it forward once you have left.


Are you willing to take on this challenge?